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What We Do

Camps & Training


 We train an average of 1,100 kids annually through basketball training camps, High School day camps, personal  training, and YMCA collaborated clinics. Through our training camps, YMCA clinics, and personal skills training we develops school aged kids in grades K-8: 450 kids annually.

High School day camps, team skill training, and player development advances High School aged kids, grades 9-12, in four separate school districts: 350 kids annually

Throughout 6 years of dedicated service, kids who’ve come through the program are now growing into High School and Collegiate level of honors. The majority start as youth through sponsored training camps. DreDay Foundation has at least forty trained athletes at the high school level. The first of the “babies” have made it as D1, D2 and D3 student athletes over the last 2 years. We continue to follow their progress.



 DreDay Foundation sponsors intramural sports at Youngstown State University for two consecutive years. Intramural sports are very popular non-varsity sports opportunity with leagues and one-day tournaments. It fills the needs of competitive or just “want to have fun” student. The only criteria to participate in IM Leagues is the attendees must either be a registered YSU student or faculty member of staff. Total members served: 3906


Charity Events


 Our annual School Drive provides 450+ kids with back packs, school supplies, hygiene kits, and hair-cuts for boys. DreDay Foundation is hopeful to extend this yearly to a larger population of kids making the impact bigger and better every year.

Annual Shoe Drive: This provides shoes for disadvantaged kids and young adults that are interested in participating in sports programs. The shoes are utilized for basketball, football, track, baseball, volleyball and soccer. The goal is 100+ kids annually.

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